December 21, 2013

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), What it is ?
A Systematic Investment Plan from Mutual Fund is similar to a recurring deposit which inculcates a disciplined approach of investing In Mutual Fund Scheme

How does SIP work?
Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) enables you to invest pre –set amount of money in the opted scheme based on the applicable NAV of each transaction date .Each transaction will fetch you additional units that will be added to your investment at regular intervals.

1)      SIP Date depends on the company option available like 1st,7th,15th and 25th etc of every month.
2)      SIP amount should be uniform except 1st Investment
3)      All the subsequent SIP should be on uniform date.
4)      There should be  at least 30 days gap between first and subsequent SIP date.
5)      Auto debit /ECS facilities available in select cities and banks.

  Benefit Invest Through SIP
A health investment is  a must in today’s market.SIP is a simple ,convenient and disciplined way to meet your financial goals. Irrespective of market conditions, it invests as little as Rs.100 every month and helps you achieve your financial goals. What a healthy way to invest.
Did you know? 
 If you had invested Rs.10,000 every month since January 1995 market value Rs.5,24,37,285 (Total investment  value Rs.24,80,000). Value as on 3/08/2015

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